Andrew Barton

Celebrity Hairdresser Website Design

Agent: Mibelle Group / Bracknell, Berkshire


Following the success of British Hairdresser of The Year and British Hair Icon amongst many industry and consumer awards Andrew Barton has now gone on to release a new and exciting product range. To work in line with the launch, Mibelle Group (a brand agency in Bracknell, Berkshire) got in touch to discuss how they could integrating the online products with a website design that would engage the public audience.

The Solution

When considering web design it is easy to make something look nice. Thats not enough though in a world where a user will only grant a website 3-5 seconds of their time before making their mind up. We wanted to capture that audience with some vibrant imagery that complimented the new branding along with elements that the user could interact with. In order to do that we didn’t just look at showcasing the products. We pushed our main focus on showcasing the success of previous user experiences using an element we called the “social hub”. Users are given the ability to interact with the website uploading their results from using the products by simply sharing their #AndrewBarton look.

Credit: Project completed under a freelance contract for local design agency, Media Fusion based in Berkshire.

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